Thursday, 26th November 2020

AppDynamics enables Nouveal e-santé to take on COVID-19 contact monitoring

AppDynamics is partnering with connected health developer, Nouveal e-santé to improve the performance of its latest solution, Covidom. Covidom is an app that allows remote monitoring of patients with COVID-19, created specifically to simplify remote medical monitoring, improve service logistics for individuals in quarantine and enable contract tracing for people who have come in contact with or been recently diagnosed with COVID-19.

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Nouveal e-santé implemented AppDynamics Application Performance Monitoring (APM) to monitor the performance of the application as the company quickly developed new features and capabilities, ensuring users would continue to receive a flawless digital experience regardless of updates being made on the backend. By partnering with AppDynamics, Covidom was able to successfully scale from a rate of supporting 20,000 patients a year to 20,000 patients in two hours without any disruption in service, reducing the strain on hospitals and healthcare professionals and helping to manage the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

When COVID-19 hit in March, France was one of the most significantly impacted countries in Europe. The country needed a solution to quickly free up healthcare organizations from unnecessary patient visits so that they could focus resources on those with severe symptoms. Nouveal e-santé knew that in order to create a platform that could scale and support the country during an unprecedented health crisis, it would need a partner to monitor the performance of the application. Nouveal selected AppDynamics’ APM solution to ensure application performance issues were identified and resolved quickly, ensuring that any change in service due to potential issues on the backend would not impact the thousands of patients using the app.

Since partnering with AppDynamics, Nouveal e-santé has been able to make vast improvements in scaling the platform, including:

●Performing real-time surveillance of their apps as they develop new features

●Reducing average response times from 1,500 milliseconds to 110 milliseconds

●Accelerating capacity from serving 20,000 patients a year to 20,000 patients in just two hours

“Feedback from hospitals has been excellent. Clinicians have shared that thanks to Covidom automating administrative processes and remote tracking patients, they now have the resources available to care for patients in critical care, not only because of the virus, but also with other illnesses,” said Guillaume Fayolle, co-founder Nouveal e-santé. “AppDynamics has made it possible for us to grow and improve our platform so we can step up and support the state, our citizens, and the country.”

“Under normal circumstances, anything less than a flawless digital experience is considered a disruption to consumers and the business. But in this case, it’s a matter of life or death,” said Erwan Paccard, director of product strategy, AppDynamics. “Nouveal e-santé is a prime example of how technology innovators can solve real world problems when they prioritize a seamless digital experience for users.”

The Covidom app currently supports more than 186,000 patients, enabling individuals to manage the virus themselves and reducing the strain on hospitals. Today, Covidom is available in France ⁠with growing interest across the globe.

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