Saturday, 19th September 2020

IOT platform promises disruption

Radix IoT has launched what it says is the market’s most transformative and disruptive IoT platform for remote monitoring, process management, and data aggregation intelligence for operational excellence and efficiency of multi-site critical facilities.

Radix IoT combines the edge monitoring, Mango IoT Platform, with the BitBox USA IoT Platform for distributed facilities’ operational intelligence, to offer unprecedented efficiency of data-driven business decisions for critical facilities, edge data centers, utilities, carrier edge/telecom infrastructure, industrial facilities and property management.   

The manufacturer-independent IoT Platform enables industrial enterprises to expedite data aggregation intelligence–scaling from one location to hundreds of geographically distributed sites without massive overhauls of existing hardware, BMS/EMS solutions, or sensing technologies. The intuitive, yet flexible platform allows organizations to use their existing facility technology and subsystems but aggregate the disjointed information into a single actionable source for data analytics, centralized remote monitoring and automation of facilities, critical infrastructure, or industrial automation infrastructure.  

“With Radix as the single source of truth in what is often a disjointed technological infrastructure of systems, companies can properly manage the full breath of operations globally, avoiding the complexity of using multiple software platforms to perform remote management,” said Fred Dirla, CEO, Radix IoT.  “Now facilities of any size can integrate Radix IoT for real-time watch list to expedite remote management, prevent failures and emergencies, determine preventive maintenance needs and optimally organize distributed assets for true data-driven business decisions.” 

Radix IoT’s Mango OS Software Platform key market differentiating features include: 

  • Distributed Scalability–collects and manages data from across one or thousands of global locations allowing organizations with distributed geographic footprints to harness critical insight on operations and efficiency without limiting portfolio size or scalability. 
  • Comprehensive IoT Toolkit–includes all the tools needed to build an IoT solution tailored to an organization’s specific needs right out of the box–and compiled into an intuitive web management console. No more adapting or deploying multiple software solutions to meet specific requirements.  
  • Open Integration–integrates into/with existing infrastructure regardless of the technology, and portfolios of equipment and software currently in use–allowing organizations expedited sound business decisions using the data available collectively under one management tool while seamlessly integrating into existing infrastructure and workflows.   
  • Profoundly Simple–data-driven from turnkey, self-installed software/ hardware and OEM solutions–free of the common complexities and expense of custom programming and steep learning curves.  The intuitive platform easily expands from one site to a multi-site factory automation enterprise to set and maintain a long-term sophisticated, unmatched monitoring and management solution.  

“The versatility of the Radix IoT platform allows geographically distributed multi-site enterprises to interact in real-time with thousands of IoT devices across their facilities, and retrieve actionable analytics for cost-savings, improved energy efficiency, reduced workloads, increased production uptime, and drastically improving systems’ efficiency,” said Chris Crosby, Chairman of Radix IoT. 

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