Thursday, 20th February 2020

Microsoft Azure and Informatica team up

This collaboration between Microsoft and Informatica provides customers an accelerated path for their digital transformation. As customers modernise their analytics systems, it enables them to truly begin integrating emerging technologies, such as AI and machine learning, into their business. Without migrating analytics workloads to the cloud, it becomes difficult for customers to maximise the potential their data holds.

For customers that have been tuning analytics appliances for years, it can seem overwhelming to start the journey towards the cloud. Customers have invested valuable time, skills, and personnel to achieve optimal performance from their analytics systems, which contain the most sensitive and valuable data for their business. We understand that the idea of migrating these systems to the cloud can seem risky and daunting. This is why we are partnering with Informatica to help customers begin their cloud analytics journey today with an industry-leading offer.

Free evaluation

With this offering, customers can now work with Azure and Informatica to easily understand their current data estate, determine what data is connected to their current data warehouse, and replicate tables without moving any data in order to conduct a robust proof of value.

This enables customers to get an end-to-end view of their data, execute a proof of value without disrupting their existing systems, and quickly see the possibilities of moving to Azure.

Free code conversion

A critical aspect of migrating on-premises appliances to the cloud is converting existing schemas to take advantage of cloud innovation. This conversion can quickly become expensive even in proof of values.

With this joint offering from Azure and Informatica, customers receive free code conversion for both the proof of value phase and when fully migrating to the cloud, as well as a SQL Data Warehouse subscription for the duration of the proof of value (up to 30 days).

Hands-on approach

Both Azure and Informatica are dedicating the personnel and resources to have analytics experts on-site helping customers as they begin migrating to Azure.

Customers that qualify for this offering will have full support from Azure SQL Data Warehouse experts. They will help with the initial assessment, executing the proof of value, and provide best practice guidance during migration.

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