Friday, 23rd August 2019

Financial organisation ensures GDPR compliance and slashes preparation time for audits by 85%

Netwrix Auditor helps Credissimo optimise security and auditing routines to achieve day-to-day compliance.

Credissimo has streamlined compliance with GDPR and fulfilled the associated IT requirements in its annual financial audit with Netwrix Auditors. In addition, Credissimo improved the security of business-critical data thanks to the solution.

Credissimo EAD (“Credissimo”) is one of the most dynamically developing European FinTech organisations in the non-banking financial sector, providing technology-driven digital consumer finance services to individuals in Bulgaria, Poland, Colombia and Macedonia. The organisation looked for a solution to enhance the security of its sensitive data and optimise audit preparations to prove its compliance with GDPR, while resolving other IT related issues identified as crucial for the business. Proving that the data entrusted to the organisation is secure and that all activity is aligned with the EU standards’ requirements was vital for Credissimo’s reputation as a trustworthy partner.

Credissimo chose Netwrix Auditor for its user-friendly interface and wide range of out-of-the-box compliance reports. With the software, the organisation achieved the following results:

  • Improved visibility across file servers: Netwrix Auditor enabled seamless monitoring of activity across all servers where sensitive data resides, so Credissimo can respond to anomalous events and potential security incidents promptly
  • Streamlined auditing processes: The out-of-the-box compliance reports mapped to ISO/IEC 27001 controls enable the IT team to prepare for regular audits in one day instead of a week. Additionally, the organisation’s data protection officer uses the software to demonstrate that Credissimo is GDPR compliant
  • Enhanced control over admin activity: The software helps increase the accountability of system administrators to spot potential issues in Active Directory and take prompt action to avoid outages and service interruptions

“I am recommending Netwrix Auditor to companies that need to control what happens across their network. The software has been extremely helpful for us. Now, we can audit the IT infrastructure seamlessly in a 24/7 fashion. And if we need to investigate any matters, this can be done in a few clicks, whereas before we had to dig through logs, which would take hours.” said Boytcho Boytchev, Information Security Officer at Credissimo EAD.

“Netwrix Auditor’s reports have streamlined our annual financial auditing process. The audit company now receives the required information in a very transparent and organised way. In addition, I am recommending Netwrix Auditor as a very cost-effective solution,” said Ivelin Kamburov, Group CFO and Member of the Board of Directors at Credissimo EAD.

“To ensure the security of critical data and prove compliance, financial organisations require proper control over activity across the network. Cross-system visibility enables IT teams to efficiently mitigate risks to sensitive data, improve auditing processes and verify that regulatory requirements are followed,” said Steve Dickson, CEO of Netwrix.

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