Scaleway releases the first European Serverless offering

After Kubernetes Kosmos and S3-based Object Storage, Scaleway continues to deliver on its Multi Cloud service approach, promoting product compatibility with the rest of the market.

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Scaleway, the multi-cloud service provider for developers and teams, announces the release of Serverless Functions and Containers. Users can now easily run code and facilitate the execution of containers in Scaleway’s complete cloud ecosystem without the operational complexity of managing infrastructure. 


With over 2,000 organizations already using Scaleway’s Serverless solutions (Functions and Containers), the company embraces microservice architectures that are simpler to maintain, evolve and update, are less demanding in terms of resources, and are easily scalable. The company brings choice to the Serverless ecosystem with the same Scaleway seamless experience, easy to understand pricing and reliability. 


“With Serverless, we wanted to bring the best of both worlds: the simplicity of a serverless approach with the flexibility of containerization. As of today, Scaleway is the only European player to offer both a complete cloud ecosystem and a Serverless offering to manage it. Our clients can start to minimize their dependency on dominant non-EU cloud service providers starting today. In addition, Serverless is energy-efficient as it scales down to zero, effectively optimizing our aggregate utility as a public cloud provider.” - Yann Lechelle, CEO Scaleway. 


Scaleway’s Serverless: use the next generation of application architecture  

The next generation of builders are moving away from monolithic application design to developing applications via a series of microservices that complement one another. Due to microservices architectures being simpler to maintain, evolve and update, less demanding in terms of resources, and easily scalable, the Serverless approach to developing applications is becoming increasingly popular. By using technology like Serverless, technical teams no longer need to worry about scaling their infrastructure or the number of machines to allocate to their service - Serverless takes care of the heavy lifting for them.


The Scaleway Serverless range is fully integrated with Object Storage, Container Registry, Managed Database and the whole Scaleway ecosystem. Its users can now seamlessly deploy and rely on a fully managed integrated ecosystem, and as a consequence to concentrate on building their products. 

Scaleway’s Serverless solutions make managing resources easier, provisioning virtual machines only when they are needed and providing developers increased productivity in a cost-effective manner via a pay-as-you-go model. Users are billed based on the number of requests and consumed resources (memory) per millisecond.


Serverless - Functions

Serverless Functions is made for developers or organizations that are looking to easily deploy routines or simple services.

100% compatible with the & Terraform, as well as AWS Lambda

Supports runtime on Node.js, Python, and Go 

Supports HTTP & CRON Triggers

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