CloudBees signs multi-year deal with HSBC

CloudBees has been selected by HSBC as its software delivery platform provider, supporting the bank to provide faster, easier and more secure banking to its 40 million customers. With CloudBees, the international bank will establish a unified end-to-end system of record for deploying software into production.

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The multi-year agreement, which includes both products and professional services from CloudBees, will enable HSBC to accelerate its transformation to a modernized software delivery system and improve productivity for over 23,000 developers. This approach will help deliver more digital capabilities and value to HSBC’s customers faster, bolstering the bank’s competitive position. 


The agreement includes all components of the CloudBees Platform including continuous integration, continuous delivery, release orchestration, and feature management capabilities. It expands HSBC’s existing relationship with CloudBees, which began in 2015. In 2019, HSBC extended its relationship with CloudBees as a strategic investor.


“As customers shift more and more of their banking online, software is at the heart of everything we do at HSBC,” said Ian Haynes, CTO shared services and cloud at HSBC. “We are digitizing the bank and innovating faster to improve the customer experience while prioritizing security and compliance. We’ve chosen CloudBees because standardization and automation across our entire software delivery system will enable our developers to get new digital products and services into our customers’ hands quickly and securely.” 


HSBC has faced common challenges associated with software delivery at enterprise scale. 

Thousands of development teams created a complex, challenging process that could hinder speed and bank-wide visibility. With CloudBees, HSBC has created a repeatable, secure, standardized approach to software delivery that gives developers the freedom to innovate more and deal with maintenance and rework less. 


“HSBC is an industry leader and the definition of ‘global enterprise scale.’ It doesn’t get more massive or more complex than the environment at HSBC,” said CloudBees CEO Stephen DeWitt. “Our fundamental goal is to help HSBC’s customers get the best and most secure banking experience possible and the way we do that is to make room for developers to write and safely deliver the best code possible and eliminate the tasks and interruptions that get in their way.”


HSBC operates a hybrid cloud environment, both off- and on-premise, necessitating the need for a powerful and flexible solution that can seamlessly unify deployments across both platforms. Expanding the commitment to the entire suite of capabilities in the CloudBees Platform will further enhance the automation and security landscape, simplify and unify software release automation across the entire global organization and provide governance and audit oversight of high-frequency deployments.


HSBC selected CloudBees because of its comprehensive and extensible platform that can 

integrate with its software delivery tools, minimizing disruption and allowing them to maximize existing software tool investments, thus enabling a best-of-breed approach. 


“The immense scope and scale of software delivery at HSBC requires a powerful suite of tools and we have to choose partners that allow seamless integration across our toolchain,” said Haynes. “CloudBees offers us a powerful platform for the capabilities we need while making it easy for us to have one unified platform that includes all the other tools we leverage. That is a key advantage for CloudBees.”


HSBC will put increased emphasis on implementing continuous compliance that is built into its software delivery process and include automation of the audit reporting, real-time tracking, tracing, and approval of software all the way through to production. 

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