Thursday, 29th July 2021

Remote desktop troubleshooting

Latest version of DameWare Remote Support expands over-the-internet capabilities to unattended servers and workstations outside the firewall enabling IT pros to gain remote access and take action without end-user presence.

SolarWinds has announced updates to its remote IT administration and support software, DameWare® Remote Support. In the latest release, DameWare Remote Support extends its over-the-internet remote session capabilities and can now establish remote connections with servers and workstations outside the firewall without end-user presence.

“DameWare Remote Support aims to ensure that IT pros can easily and efficiently assist end-users through remote IT administration and support,” said Nikki Jennings, group vice president, product strategy, SolarWinds. “Now, regardless of location or if the computer is attended, IT teams can stay connected to remote systems, providing 24/7 business continuity support with DameWare Remote Support. This extended ability ensures that key services can be provided to remote systems without having to wait until a remote computer is logged on and accessed by an end-user.”

DameWare Remote Support provides remote access to Windows®, Linux® and Mac® OS X® desktops, laptops and servers for remote troubleshooting and management of servers and workstations, both within the firewall and over-the-internet. Administrators can reboot systems; start and stop services and processes; copy or delete files; view and clear event logs; manage multiple Active Directory® domains, users and groups; remotely reset passwords; and gain access to Windows computers from iOS® and Android® mobile devices.

What will IT pros solve next with DameWare Remote Support?

With the latest version of DameWare Remote Support, IT pros can now:

·Establish remote connections with unattended workstations outside of an organisation’s firewall for on-time support, system maintenance and administration.

·Provide remote support, troubleshooting and management for systems running on Windows 10.

·Simplify remote host management within the DameWare console using the new ability to search and find endpoints from saved host lists.

Top Remote Connection Types Supported by DameWare Remote Support

·Attended and unattended remote connection inside the LAN

·Attended and unattended remote session outside the LAN, over-the-internet

·Remote connection from mobile

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