Digital economy to hit ?3.2trillion during second digital revolution

Enterprise technology spending to double to more than ?1 trillion by 2025, Traditional communications and broadband connectivity spend to decline, Digital advertising spend will rise to ?254 billion.

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Advancements to data programmability, global data governance, and platform optimizations empower more users than ever before with extensibility and choice.
Less than one in five (17%) really know what they’re doing with data.
Almost half of HR professionals (44 percent) are now using data for workforce planning and reporting, a YouGov study commissioned by MHR Analytics has revealed.
Nearly all senior business decision-makers (96%) surveyed report data strategies as essential to their organisations’ positive performance, including an average of 5.97% higher profit growth.
Discrepancies between data sanitisation policy creation and execution is putting sensitive data at risk.
German rail company, Deutsche Bahn AG, is making its data available to start-up businesses and SMEs as part of Data Pitch, a new European Commission-funded initiative which is supporting open innovation with data.
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