Rapid7 acquires Logentries

Rapid7 has acquired RevelOps, Inc. d/b/a Logentries (Logentries), a leading provider of machine data search technology.

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Customer data has monetary value but many organisations ignore it

Many organisations do not manage customer data as a corporate asset, and the monetary value of that data is often ignored, according to Gartner, Inc.

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Big Data needs best practices

Analytics projects that utilise big data or advanced analytics are increasingly popular but present a heightened risk of failure, according to Gartner, Inc. Analytics leaders can improve the likelihood of success by following five best practices.

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UK companies slow to embrace digital transformation

New Digital Effectiveness Index reveals companies with successful digital transformation strategies benefit from double the revenue growth compared to mainstream organisations.

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Data decisions report from Exasol finds average data queries take too long to run, yet organisations need daily data insights to make informed business decisions.
Collibra has published the findings of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on its behalf, which surveyed more than 900 global business analysts about their use of data to drive decisions and achieve key business objectives. The study, “The Business Impact of Data Intelligent Management,” found that organizations that put data at the center of their vision and strategy realize a differentiated competitive advantage by mitigating cost and risk, growing revenue and improving the customer experience.
On average less than 40% of companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) are confident they can master their data – that is manage, secure and gain insight from data, and use it responsibly. Capabilities in these four areas aren’t projected to increase in the next three years, according to a new study from cloud company, Oracle, called ‘Rediscovering trust in your data and security’. This is despite respondents recognising the value of achieving excellence in these areas, with the top three benefits being cited as increased customer loyalty, revenue and brand value.
The acceleration in the move towards cloud-based applications and infrastructures reflects the decline in centralised office spaces and the future of working from anywhere. The UK has one of the largest Tableau Online footprints worldwide, highlighting the country’s exponential growth in data demand.
90% of firms believe that in order to remain competitive over the next three years, they need to increase investment in real-time data analytics solutions.
Data-driven leaders more optimistic about the future of their business, with 68% seeing a positive outlook compared to 52% of those that aren’t data-driven.
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