Atos opens Life Sciences Centre of Excellence

Atos, in agreement with the Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridgeshire, UK, has announced the official opening of its global Life Sciences Centre of Excellence. The facility will provide scientists on campus, and global genome and bio-data institutes worldwide, early access to emerging technologies to support their research, helping to accelerate the process of bringing new drugs to market and delivering tangible societal benefits.

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The Atos Life Sciences Centre of Excellence is an exploration, discovery and co-creation instrument aimed at complementing the existing Campus compute facilities with access to leading-edge technologies, such as Quantum, High-Performance Computing, Edge Computing and AI, supported by Atos’ products, services and expertise in these sectors. The facility will also feature leading-edge technologies from Atos partners including Arm, Intel, and NetApp. First established during the Covid-19 confinement crisis, this center provided support to researchers worldwide studying many different aspects of the virus.

Atos experts world-wide will collaborate directly with genome and biological data research scientists to help transform ideas into reality, focusing specifically on enabling the implementation of precision health and accelerating drug development using digital technologies. The aim is to create solutions that enable healthcare organisations to design efficient strategies to prevent and manage disease and to support pharma/biotech and medtech organisations in in accelerating the development of targeted treatments/cutting edge medical equipment and sensors, helping to tackle the greatest health challenges in society today.

The outcomes from collaboration between Atos and health and life sciences stakeholders will be showcased at the Centre of Excellence through innovation workshops, proof-of-concept production, demos and webinars.

Dr Natalia Jimenez, Global Life Sciences Product Lead, Atos said: “The opening of the Life Sciences Centre of Excellence is a significant milestone in Atos’ pioneering work to drive innovation in the healthcare and life sciences industry. By providing an ecosystem where genome and biological data research scientists can access emerging technologies accompanied by leading Atos experts, the Centre of Excellence will play a crucial role in fostering life sciences discovery and innovation, expediting the time it takes to bring new drugs to market and delivering tangible benefits to patients.”

Dr Julia Wilson, Associate Director, Wellcome Sanger Institute commented: “We are delighted that Atos has joined our Campus community, and look forward to partnering with them to maximise the vast range of opportunities the Centre of Excellence will provide for scientists here and worldwide. Emerging technologies

such as Quantum, High-Performance Computing, Edge Computing and AI hold transformative potential for advancing biodata research, helping the life sciences sector to shorten the drug development process and reduce costs.”

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