ProSoccerData partners with to unlock athlete data insights

Data dashboard system helping Ajax Football Club and Belgium Tennis Federation to empower scouts and coaches to unearth sporting talent of the future., the leading embedded analytics provider, and online platform management company ProSoccer Data are partnering to unlock data insights in major sports such as Football and Tennis.’s visual dashboard management system allows clubs including Ajax Football Club and The Belgian Tennis Federation to easily track athlete performance, improve scouting models and better understand potential player evolution.

The world of sport has become heavily reliant on data, and as a result, coaches and managers are demanding more insights across every level to ensure they are as competitive as possible, both on and off the field. has been integrated into the ProSoccerData platform to give coaching teams one centralized hub for all their data, enabling coaching teams to have far clearer, more actionable insights into their data and helping them to better understand relevant information that is being generated across their organization’s every day.

Tracking the Tennis Stars of Tomorrow

The dashboard is already being used by The Belgian Tennis Federation to track player evolution across all age groups. The data allows coaches to review individual training workloads in one view, rank progress, game performance and assess performance growth. A major benefit for users is the capability to share player progress across coaching and management teams, even to the granular level of looking at individual data sets such as time trials, strength of arm stroke, and document possible future injury concerns.

“Today everything begins with data,” said Jan Delaet, Founder, ProSoccerData. “Through our system coaches and clubs are able to unlock the insights they need in order to compete at the highest level. Previously coaches had to upload information to one centralized Excel document, which was then shared via email. Now they have access to a fully bespoke online modular dashboard, which can be shared and manipulated as they see fit. It is completely searchable and not only helps them build a complete profile on an athlete, but also ensures a potential star of the future doesn’t slip through the net.”

Bart De Keersmaeker: Topsport requires a progressively more holistic and interdisciplinary approach. Herein, data are indispensable to produce the right insight in the development process of talented athletes. In a blink of an eye, the dashboards provide the necessary information to monitor and adapt the individual training and competition schedule. It additionally offers the opportunity to investigate data in order to fine tune high performance efforts.

Helping Football Scouts get About

On average, football scouts watch over 3,000 games every season to find, assess, and determine which players a club could be interested in. Major football clubs around the world such as Ajax use the ProSoccerData platform to plan and map where to assign their scouts each week and calculate how many visits each player requires before a full assessment is reported back to the manager and coaching staff.

Through the integration with, clubs can instantly view where players are located around the world and plot them against other nearby players of interest to reduce travel time and improve the productivity of scouts. In doing so, scouts are able to cover much more ground and increase their chances of unearthing the next ‘star’ player. Scouts can also update player information to a centralized reporting system in real-time, drawing on player statistics and club insights, which can then be sent to head scouts ahead of possible contract discussions.

“Data can unlock the hidden potential in almost anything, be it supply chain efficiencies, vaccine production, or sports. The key is having the ability to understand and engage with the data,” said Karel Callens, CEO and founder “For sports organizations, having access to actionable right data can literally be the difference between winning and losing. Unearthing the next Kevin De Bruyne could even make a multimillion difference for a football club, setting them up for years of future success. We’re excited to be partnered with ProSoccerData, working at the forefront of data-driven sports scouting and assessment.”

ProSoccerData uses to gather data from a range of different sources within an organization. analyzes and visualizes data for consumption and interaction with employees. The approach rationalizes the number of tools required to handle what was previously a resource-intensive manual task, providing a completely bespoke dashboard suited to any organizations needs, be it for player data, travel, club management or even COVID tracking.

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