Saturday, 17th April 2021

BMC strengthens its TrueSight AIOps Platform

New use cases for IT Operations leverage artificial intelligence to improve agility and efficiency.

BMC has introduced the newest release of its TrueSight AIOps platform, empowering customers to apply artificial intelligence to IT Operations.
Multi-cloud adoption, DevOps, micro-service architectures, and exponentially-increasing amounts of data are creating complexity that is overwhelming core IT teams and putting them in a perpetually reactive state. To succeed in a digital era defined by increased pressure to innovate faster, IT organisations need a modern approach anchored in Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps).
TrueSight 11 is an AIOps platform that identifies and contextualises patterns from virtually any data source, revealing recurring issues and repetitive tasks ideal for automation. TrueSight dynamically learns the behaviour of infrastructure and manages capacity, including multi-cloud utilisation in the context of applications and services. These predictive capabilities empower IT teams to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR), identify false alarms, and align cloud spend with budget targets.
“Businesses cannot realise the true potential of a dynamic infrastructure if operations teams aren’t managing those resources in the context of business priorities,” said Shayne Higdon, President, Performance & Analytics at BMC. “BMC’s research indicates that 78 percent of IT leaders are looking to apply artificial intelligence as part of their multi-cloud management strategies. Our TrueSight platform for AIOps manages the health, performance, and cost of multi-cloud environments to improve infrastructure and operations agility, optimise service performance, and eliminate blind spots created by the explosion of digital data.”
TrueSight easily ingests, analyses, and contextualises data to provide actionable correlations and insights faster and more accurately than manual human analysis could produce. By dynamically learning the behaviour of the infrastructure, TrueSight prioritises issues by level of importance to the business and eliminates false alarms. With unified capacity and performance analysis augmented by AI, organisations can now understand resource utilisation in the context of both performance and spend, enabling them to intelligently forecast and optimise both using TrueSight.
“Our long-term vision for customer service is based on fundamentally shifting our posture from being reactive to being proactive: instead of waiting for our customers to tell us how they need our help, we need to be able to act before they ask,” said Chris Adams, Chief Operating Officer at Park Place Technologies. “TrueSight helps us deliver a better customer experience by looking at data across a wide spectrum and predicting what’s going to happen, using machine learning and artificial intelligence to transform the way we operate.”
TrueSight 11 also introduces new solutions that address key use cases for machine learning to improve IT Operations, Service Desk, and Application Development disciplines:
·         Cloud Cost Control forecasts infrastructure capacity and cost for cloud services and on-premises data centres to regain control of budgets and optimising resources.
·         Service Ticket Analytics uses machine learning to analyse ticket descriptions in real-time and intelligently categorises them for faster resolution.
·         Change and Defect Analytics uses Jira data for visibility into the performance and financial impact of defects and bugs assigned to application development teams.
·         Event Stream Analytics reduces event overload to quickly identify hotspots and proactively identify service or application deterioration before users are impacted.
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